Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Belly Shoot

Last week we spent one evening taking photos of Alyssa, who is due in a couple of weeks and her daughter Kiara. Both were wonderful models: very patient (even as I was getting out the dinosaur large format camera) and willing to try different lighting set ups and backgrounds.
Our reward was a wonderful set of portraits two of which I’d like to share here - together with an email I received from Alyssa after posting the portraits in an online album.

From: Alyssa
Subject: Thank you!!!

Awesome!!! Those are all GREAT... Thank you for doing that for us!

I have brought the books to work to show some of the ladies I work with and they love them... I am going to see some of my friends soon, we haven't gotten together in quite a while... but when I see them, I am going to show them as well!!! I promise to keep you posted on the feedback I get from those books and the pictures!!! YOU guys are so wonderful... I can't thank you enough for taking our pictures and capturing Kiara and I together with that big belly of mine!!!

Talk to you soon!!!
:) Alyssa