Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome Jonathan !

Remember Alyssa and her baby-belly?

Well that was then.

Join me in welcoming Jonathan who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday.

He is a very good baby … except when there is gas rummaging in his little tummy. But Mommy can make things better with a simple back rub. And then the little guy's appetite come right back. Bring on dinner!

Hey Silke,
the pictures are GREAT!!! I love them!!! Thank you for taking them and putting them up on that website so quickly!!! I can't wait to forward them to my friends and family so they can see them too!!! Thank you again for stopping by... It was nice to get to see you!!!
Talk to you soon.
Take care, Alyssa

Friday, April 11, 2008

A girl's night out at the Craft Show

Last month I got an email from my artist friend Jesa to come see her drawings and other wonderful art and craft at Soni Masur's annual Spring Craft/Boutique Show in Needham.
So I went.
Yesterday was opening night and it fit perfectly in my schedule as I could go there after work (rather then going home and getting stuck in traffic)
It was wonderful.
Craft Show

There was yummy 'art' - or was it craft? (I bought a jar of spicy chocolate sauce of Maureen)
I loved Marissa's belt buckles and I will definitely get back to Gerda Maaskant (Turned to Stone) once my new yard is ready for one of her wonderful giant leave stone bowl.
I can't mention every artist here, but there were silk scarves, T-shirts & a fun color activity game, handmade cards and journals, one of a kind handbags and totes, pottery, Jesa's drawings, and of course Soni's wonderful jewelry. ... and this was just the first floor. Soni and her family are sacrificing their entire house this week, as the list continues in the basement with services such as wardrobe solutions, personal trainer, Yoga and Pilates, party and event planners, moving planners, a residential designer, and landscape consultation, design and plant shopping services for homeowners.
Did I mention the snacks.
What a wonderful relaxing evening.
I am going back next year.