Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho ho ho

The Trip family is blessed with a grandmother that loves to make costumes. When she comes to the studio it is always with multiple changes of clothes, most of which she has made herself. This year her snowman and Santa warmed my heart. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Holidays

"I always know that it is the Christmas season when I have the opportunity to photograph the Federico children. I have now taken their Christmas photo for 3 years and the mom is very organized. She always plans for her children’s pictures to be done the Saturday after Thanksgiving for her Christmas card.
I try each year to do something a little different. This year I played with the simplicity of the white lights. It highlights the innocents of the children. The candy canes made for some fun at the end of the session. We all had a great time and the family was very happy."

Judy will be photographing another couple of families over the weekend so she left the lights up and her living room has been turned into a photo studio.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Website overhaul long due

I finally got around to updating our website I put some newer photographs up and made sure that there are 12 samples for each category - it looks a bit more rounded now.

All the contact information stayed the same - Judy and Silke can both be reached at the old phone numbers and email addresses.

Check it out!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Water's Edge

You might remember that I announced back in July how proud I was to have been juried into a Book Competition of Photography, Poetry and Prose called Water's Edge.

Now all the poetry and prose for the book have been chosen, and a complete list of artists has been published on the Open to Interpretation website.

The suspense is almost too much ... for me anyway. As I can see the names of writers who were inspired by Peggy's Cove ... but I cannot read what they have written. I don't even know if it is poetry or prose. I can't wait to see the book. Release date is Mid-January 2012.

Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lydia is a big girl now ...

... because she knows how to ride her bicycle.

I took these photos a while back in the Spring this year in Boston Manor Park in London. It was very exciting to be there for this important milestone in every child's life: Learning to ride a bike.
Lydia was literally jumping up and down with joy, noticing that she was getting better with every try.
Her mommy and I were just huffing and puffing from running, pushing, holding, catching and photographing.

What an adventure !

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A trail of broken hearts

Watch out ladies - this one is going to leave a trail of broken heart wherever he goes.

Monday, October 31, 2011


At times, it felt like I was at school during recess - there were that many kids.
I love Halloween!
Each time I am worried we might run out of candy.
Each year I am very impressed by some of the kids.
This year was no different.
I love Halloween!

Now all monsters are inside again.
And only a dog is howling outside
in the cold
in the dark.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Watching the Circle of Life

The photography session with you guys was a real treat.
I have known the kids' Dad since he was a baby, and I can so see his expression in his young son's face.
It is so much fun watching the circle of life.
Thanks you for your patience.

Monday, October 17, 2011


I just heard from Pavlos Satoglou (from ANTILIPSEIS magazine) that the exhibition "Perceptions" is moving to its third location. It opened at PhotoVision – the largest photography trade show in Athens, Greece, early this year. Then went to the f14-gallery in the co-capital of Greece, Thessaloniki, last May and June, and is now reaching its third location: the "Photography Club of Livadia", in Livadia, Greece.
There is an event page on Facebook where you can check out the details.
After the end of the exhibitions, the prints will be donated to the Athens School of Fine Arts.

I am excited and honored to be part of the exhibition, with a close up "Rachel's Hands", that was photographed during Rachel Cohen's Harvard University’s Clifton Residency in 2006. Click here to read more.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Smelling Chemicals

I love the smell of chemicals at the film development sink ... watching the clock and turning the development tank every minute ... the suspense when you can finally open the tank after the fix has been pored out, just before the first wash starts ... when you get a first glimpse at the roll ...

... and then you get really excited about making prints ... the magic when the picture appears on the paper while you gently rock it in the developing tray ... the creamy grey tones that you get with film ... the time you spend in the darkroom with that one print ... to make it perfect ... the bonding.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lighting Workshop with Lou

The weekend of September 17th and 18th I participated in a lighting workshop with photography legend Lou Jones. Day one we spent in the studio studying new ways to use Speedlights instead of traditional bulky, heavy studio strobes. Lou shared with the class many little knowledge gems that will change my approach to shooting in so many ways. From clamps to gobos and other simple techniques, they will take me into new heights in my photography. On the second day he took us to the streets to use the fill light to make for more interesting images. It is my pleasure to share these images with you.

Read Lou's blog here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beach Day

On September 10th I was lucky enough to be able to photograph two sisters and their four children – ages 5,3,2,and 6 weeks. The family had tried a more traditional photographer and studio but that did not work out for this high energy family. The beach offered a great location to channel the energy, though it posed a true challenge to the photographer. I can say, I got my cardio that day, chasing after this very fun group … up and down the beach. The family was very happy with what we got out of this ‘sitting’. I hope you enjoy this sampling of this fabulous day.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Portrait of Allie

I met Allie at the South Boston Open Studios, she was in charge of Studio 305.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chain Letter :: Crazy 1 Day Art Bash

I can't believe I am actually participating in the Chain Letter Show in Boston.
The opening reception and show will take place on Saturday - as in Saturday ONLY - July 16th 2011 - in Boston - @ Samsøn Gallery (450 Harrison Avenue)

"Chain Letter is a global group show wherein 10 artists have been invited to participate. Those 10 then invite 10 artists that they admire. Those 10 invite 10 more and so on. This cycle continues for 30 days. The result is an exponentially massive, artist-curated group show based entirely on admiration."
For more info about the chain letter project click on the letter above.

Opening Reception is from 5 pm to 8 pm.
See you all there!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Peggy's Cove did it again

My photograph Peggy's Cove has been selected for the Water's Edge issue of Open to Interpretation. After re-reading about the book competition on the Open to Interpretation website I am so excited I can barely wait to see the book. However the photography is only the first phase of this exciting project, and I will have to wait a while before I can feel the book in my hands and flip thru the pages.

The following describes the Open to Interpretation process of creating the book:

Open to Interpretation is a juried book competition bringing together photographers, poets, and writers.
A good photograph tells a story. But it tells a slightly different story to every viewer. The stories are fleeting, disappearing from the viewers’ minds in the moments it takes to turn a page or walk to the next gallery. Open to Interpretation captures these stories, pairing fine art photographers and writers in an international juried book competition.
Open to Interpretation produces several books a year. Each book begins with a themed call for photos. The chosen photos become the literary inspiration for the writers’ submissions. A book is created that matches each winning photo with two stories or poems that offer different interpretations of the image. The unique collaboration adds new dimensions to both the photos and the written word.
Each book is a two-part process. The photography call for entry comes first. The juror's results will be posted on-line. Writers and poets will then be invited to view the images and submit stories or poems that are inspired by the posted images.
With over 1500 images submitted judge Douglas Beasley did a fantastic job selecting 31 images for the book. To see all selected images click here.

I am thrilled about the idea that Peggy’s Cove will be teamed up with the work a writer/poet – a person I never met - who was inspired by my work. I can’t wait to see what Peggy’s Cove can accomplish in its new role as a muse. And I can’t wait to receive my complimentary beautifully bound hard cover book.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Judy went "Photographing People"

The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester co-hosted the 'Photographing People' workshop for the third time this year. From June 10th through June13th, Judy assisted Harvey Stein during his workshop.

She says about Harvey and the workshop: "Harvey is an international photographer, and author of several photo books including his new book, Coney Island 40 Years. His excitement about photography is contagious, and I was thrilled to help him create an ideal environment for his students to grow. Over the course of three days we all became comfortable working in the streets, where Harvey has done a great amount of his work.

Class time was spent reviewing types of lenses and lighting, but the true learning happened in the streets of Boston where we spent two days getting to know the people, and enjoyed documenting the Gay Pride parade. The final hours of the weekend were spent critiquing our work."

Student work will be on display in one of the Griffin's Galleries.

Holga Inspire

Finally, after over a year, our photographs have made it to the official Holga Inspire Website / Newletter.

We participated in a Toy Camera workshop in New York City in February last year. I have to say it was very interesting to actually take a camera apart, make changes (modification) and put it back together. We made our own "Holgamods". Toy Cameras add a certain amount of unpredictability to the images, and a certain mystique that we have always been intrigued by.

The workshop took place in the Umbrella Art Gallery in the East Village, NYC on a miserable gray and cold weekend in February, and was conducted by Tammy Cromer-Campbell a photographer who has shot documentary projects with a Holga camera.

All in all it was a very fun, mysterious and creative weekend, with lousy light, good food and way too cold.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sally Mann ... If Memory Serves

I went to Sally Mann's lecture "If Memory Serves" at Harvard last night. Very poetic, and funny. Very personal. Very inspiring. I think I need some time to think about the things she said.

I wish I could have taken more notes. I hope they publish the lecture. I must keep an eye open for that.

PS: I never thought I'd get Deep South signed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

You gotta love NYC

You have to have a good time when you are visiting NYC. It's the law.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It is Spring - dressed in yellow

Last weekend we shot Jean Lin's new spring collection. Jean used only recycled fabric for this collection and vowed to keep doing so from now on, which I think is a great idea.

For this Spring shoot we met at a studio in East Boston on the day the time changed to Daylight Saving. How is that for timing! Besides the usual equipment, crew, food, and of course the Jean's Spring Collection, Judy brought the largest bucket of tulips I have ever seen.

Check out the Spring 2011 collection on Jean's website dressed in yellow.

Oh ... and as I am writing this entry there is another picture coming in from Lin's blog ... Makes you wanna spend a long weekend in Amsterdam, no?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Romantic

Family visit on a farm in Denmark.

While the snow flakes kept dancing around us, Lina was presented a very special raspberry, and Lukas' glove was sucked on vigorously ... without the anticipated success by the 1 week old baby.

While all humans could retreat inside to where hot chocolate and yummy cake were waiting, others had to stay in the winter wonderland, little icicles going in whiskers.