Monday, June 20, 2011

Peggy's Cove did it again

My photograph Peggy's Cove has been selected for the Water's Edge issue of Open to Interpretation. After re-reading about the book competition on the Open to Interpretation website I am so excited I can barely wait to see the book. However the photography is only the first phase of this exciting project, and I will have to wait a while before I can feel the book in my hands and flip thru the pages.

The following describes the Open to Interpretation process of creating the book:

Open to Interpretation is a juried book competition bringing together photographers, poets, and writers.
A good photograph tells a story. But it tells a slightly different story to every viewer. The stories are fleeting, disappearing from the viewers’ minds in the moments it takes to turn a page or walk to the next gallery. Open to Interpretation captures these stories, pairing fine art photographers and writers in an international juried book competition.
Open to Interpretation produces several books a year. Each book begins with a themed call for photos. The chosen photos become the literary inspiration for the writers’ submissions. A book is created that matches each winning photo with two stories or poems that offer different interpretations of the image. The unique collaboration adds new dimensions to both the photos and the written word.
Each book is a two-part process. The photography call for entry comes first. The juror's results will be posted on-line. Writers and poets will then be invited to view the images and submit stories or poems that are inspired by the posted images.
With over 1500 images submitted judge Douglas Beasley did a fantastic job selecting 31 images for the book. To see all selected images click here.

I am thrilled about the idea that Peggy’s Cove will be teamed up with the work a writer/poet – a person I never met - who was inspired by my work. I can’t wait to see what Peggy’s Cove can accomplish in its new role as a muse. And I can’t wait to receive my complimentary beautifully bound hard cover book.

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