Sunday, June 19, 2011

Judy went "Photographing People"

The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester co-hosted the 'Photographing People' workshop for the third time this year. From June 10th through June13th, Judy assisted Harvey Stein during his workshop.

She says about Harvey and the workshop: "Harvey is an international photographer, and author of several photo books including his new book, Coney Island 40 Years. His excitement about photography is contagious, and I was thrilled to help him create an ideal environment for his students to grow. Over the course of three days we all became comfortable working in the streets, where Harvey has done a great amount of his work.

Class time was spent reviewing types of lenses and lighting, but the true learning happened in the streets of Boston where we spent two days getting to know the people, and enjoyed documenting the Gay Pride parade. The final hours of the weekend were spent critiquing our work."

Student work will be on display in one of the Griffin's Galleries.

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