Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Because pregnant women are so beautiful

I just have to post another one from the Carola series.

No further comment.

John Robert - You did it again!

John Robert you did not disappoint!

Just like last year, and the year before, you literally dove into your birthday cake. The cake had so many wonderful colors, and yes, you are right, when you mix them all together you get pretty much black, or a very dark and dirty gray.
It was great to be part of your birthday party again - the third one so far.

Kids have to have fun and be messy, especially when it is their birthday. You understand that, and all your little friends appreciate it. (It is not making things easy for your mom, but that is a different story.)
This week I will get to work on a book so that you and your family can remember this great day, and add it to the little library that you have already accumulated.

It was more difficult to document your party this year than it was in previous years, just because the weather made us all stay inside for most of the day. But there were plenty of things we could do, like get our faces painted, sing songs, or enjoy Mickey’s visit.

Happy Birthday, John Robert!
… and hope to see you again next year.