Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time for a little bragging

I just received this email from Corey, one of our early clients:
The site looks great and is rather impressive!! Can't tell you how happy we are with the book and the photography you did.
You should know that you are welcome anytime.
Thanks for the update and best of luck with future photo sessions.
All the best,

And another one from Sheila:
Love the site - we definitely have to order more books but as you can see we haven't got around to that yet. It's been a little busy here, between painters and plumbers and electricians and I can't remember who else..... oh yes, Miss Taryn herself! Anyway, good luck with the venture and I will be retaining your services for year 2, we'll have to build up a library of Taryn at each stage of life.

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