Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I don't know nothing about football

Last night I learned that ...
  • Linebackers are big and slow - not very tall though
  • Running Backs are lightning fast
  • Deep down inside they all are kinda like the basketball people I grew up with. They have the same team-fun-sport spirit that you can find in any athlete who is serious about their sport, but doesn't forget to have fun.
  • They seem to be really nice, fun, down to earth, patient, team people who enjoy a nice game of hoops.
OK, so they are in incredible physical shape and they do not make their money playing Basketball (I have seen better) - but that was the beauty of it.

The game last night was a fund raiser basketball game for the Westwood High School between the High School Booster All Stars and the NE Patriots.
They were not seriously playing - just a relaxed fun game.
Here are the pix:
Partiots playing Basketball

The Pats players who attended were:
I am really glad I went to see this event. Thanks Adrienne for thnking of me, and for letting me borrow your D200.

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Nate said...

Do you mean lineman, not linebackers? Ross and Logan are lineman, and I didn't see any linebackers in your list of attendees.

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