Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three more weeks to go

I spent an entire afternoon last weekend with Lisa who has only three more weeks to go until the big day. I felt almost bad chasing her around from one ‘pose’ to the next … having her climb on to the bed … sit … kneel … lay on one side … then the other. Lisa had a couple of dresses that she wanted to try on … and I suggested jeans. I love the casual and relaxed feel of barefoot jeans and t-shirt … you just can’t beat that.

Together we came up with a more and more ideas where and how to photograph. We took our time and had a lot of fun. So we ended up with a variety of pictures that we are both very excited about.

… I wish I could see her daughter’s face the day she get the photos out … “Look! This is what Mommy looked like when you were still inside my tummy.”

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