Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just not November yet

You would not believe it was the last day of October. Not by the sun and the leaves and the fun ... we had in the Arboretum this afternoon. I had totally forgotten how wonderful the Arnold Arboretum is ... and the kids were there for the first time. Finding a big garter snake certainly added to the adventure.

A day later (It is November now)...
... I am still thinking about the fun we had:
  • The cattail-fluff was everywhere, and I am sure I swallowed some. The light in the cattails was unbeatable for photos.

  • The snake left quite an impression too. The biggest Garter snake I had seen so far. And the way it snuggled with Tristan was so cute. It pressed every bit of its body against his warm hands and started to sneak up his sleeve at some point.

Just found a piece of twig in my hair this morning while shampooing. I think that says it all. What a great day yesterday!
Will get to work on the book asap.

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